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John Ryan
6-1 NHL playoffs. 10-Star NHL Titan goes Tuesday night.

John Ryan has been handicapping baseball, football, and basketball for over 22 years. He has either won or placed in the Top-10 in several contests. John's success begins with the philosophy that goals are based and measured on the longer-term, and that over time consistency is what promotes success. Every new client is informed that there are no guarantees for profit or that any past performances can be counted on toward futures results. They provide full disclosure that gambling is dangerous, but can be a lot of fun if done in a very disciplined manner.

The key to benefitting from the from the JRS team's algorithm programs and database systems are to consistently invest the same amount of money on each selection. This process will ensure that the client's bankroll their investment return will be fully optimized.

These quantitative methods eliminates any human subjectivity from all selection processes. The base computer systems are based on combinatorial algorithms and an adaptive-structure Neural Network. In summary, our systems calculate and analyze several million pieces of game data and then optimizes the data to produce the best possible forecasts. The systems also optimizes team streaks and momentum much like their technical analysis of a stock, futures, or even bit coin.

As seen in the financial markets for decades and personally learned from a vast investment banking career on Wall Street, the team applies a contrarian weighting to the betting consensus and team trends. For example, if a given trend in any sport is posting a 15-2 ATS, then the model may project that the trend has topped and is more likely to reverse.

Then, the team quantifies and compares the game matchups. The top matchups supporting the pick are then detailed in the comprehensive report that is provided for each selection. These reports will concisely state why a given team has been selected and once you have read through the report your mind will be filled with the confidence and trust to invest your hard-earned money too.

JRS is a cutting-edge technology company whose sports information is unique, informative, and has produced strong predictive results. The key is committing to a full season. If you make that decision, you will not be disappointed. After all, they have been around for 22 years with a proven track record of success and treating clients with the respect that it takes hard work week after week and not with the hype of a Game of the Month or Game of the Year Lock.

•  NFL 83-71-7 (54% for +$890) Last 161 - Premium Picks
•  NCAAF 144-131-4 (53% for +$433) Last 279 - All Picks

Saturday, April 20, 2019
Philadelphia 76ers vs. Brooklyn Nets (NBA) - 3:05 PM EDT Free Pick
Pick: Point Spread: -2.5/-115     Philadelphia 76ers   Rating: 5*    76ers take full control of this series Win
Click Here to View Pick Analysis
Denver Nuggets vs. San Antonio Spurs (NBA) - 5:35 PM EDT Premium Pick
Pick: Point Spread: 3.5/-105     Denver Nuggets   Rating: 10*    NBA Upset Alert Win
Click Here to View Pick Analysis
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Last 7 Days' Results
•  All Leagues 9-6-2 (60% for +$3805)
•  MLB 2019 3-3-1 (50% for +$755)
•  NBA 2018 4-1-1 (80% for +$2930)
•  NHL 2018 2-2 (50% for +$120)

Last 30 Days' Results
•  All Leagues 23-19-2 (55% for +$6216)
•  NBA 2018 4-4-1 (50% for +$340)
•  NCAAB 2018 8-6 (58% for +$1505)
•  NHL 2018 7-3 (70% for +$5331)

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Ryan’s 7-Star Inter-League Blowout Titan
Ryan is on another huge run in All Sports and has not lost a play in four days. This MLB Titan includes a database situational query that has earned 74% wins and has not had a losing season in 12 years. Plus, a predictive metric that has gone 259-53 for 83% wins since 1995. Yours next for just $20.00

Ryan's 30-day subscription NFL and CFB
Ryan went 15-1 ATS last season in the 2009 Bowl games graded 7* and stronger culminating with his 15*winner on Florida and previous to that Vanderbilt. He is also 9-2 ATS in the NFLX. Get a CFB and NFL subscription today and reap big rewards from a 16-year proven veteran. With that kind of record you can get an incredible 30-days of releases for just 349 dollars. You cannot afford to pass this up.

Ryan's Complete Month of ALL SPORTS
John Ryan is off to a monster start in College Football this year. John is currently hitting 64% on the College action. This is your opportunity to join a proven 15-year handicapper and get all of his Daily Action! His proven Ai Simulator and reinforcing research is a great way to make a ton of cash and at the same time save significantly from the daily subscription costs.

Full Year- All Sports for 365 Consecutive Days
REDUCED PRICE till December 31, 2008 Just $1000.00 - If you are a serious player than you simply cannot overlook this incredible investment opportunity. Invest in this proven 14-year veteran, who has just 1 losing calendar season and that was 6 years ago. For just $1499.00 you not only reduce your costs per play to the bare minimum, you get a year's worth of plays for all sports and any playoffs and bowl games that become available. get this subscription now and sit back and just let the profits build over the course of the year. You will be glad you made this investment.

Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Philadelphia 76ers vs. Brooklyn Nets (NBA)
Apr 19, 2019
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Philadelphia 76ers vs. Brooklyn Nets
Saturday, April 20, 2019 3:05 PM
Play: Point Spread: -2.5/-115 Philadelphia 76ers
John Ryan Sports 5-STAR WAGER ON THE PHILADELPHIA 76ERS AS THEY TAKE ON THE BROOKLYN NETS IN GAME-4 SET TO START AT 3:05 PM EST Here is a database situational query that has earned a 56-24 ATS record for 70% wins since 1995 and ...  read more

Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Memphis vs. Creighton (NCAAB)
Mar 22, 2019
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Memphis vs. Creighton
Friday, March 22, 2019 8:30 PM
Play: Point Spread: -5.5/-110 Creighton
Ryan placed second in the World Series of March Madness last year. His proven machine learning and algorithm-based programs have targeted a top-rated 10-Star MONSTER release in Round-1 action tonight. The 10-Star is aking to Game of the Year status + is ba ...  read more

More from John Ryan

Sorry, there are no free picks available at this time. Please check back again.
John Ryan Release Times
I release daily cards normally in the late morning between 11:00 AM EST and Noon. However, there are always the possibility of late breaking plays being released as well. So, it is imperative to check back often on the weekends and days where there are several games starting earlier than usual. Like, March Madness or the Bowl game days.
John Ryan Rating System
Our rating system is based on 3 to 10 scale and each game is graded by the SIM Algorithm Program, which uses combinatorial algorithms as a base.
John Ryan Money Management
We always discuss money management with each client on an individual basis with a strong focus on reducing risk and ensuring that the client understands the underlying dangers of gambling before proceeding.
Winning Streaks
- Kevin Thomas: NBA 20-6-2 (77% for +$12610)
- Kevin Thomas: MLB 23-10-1 (70% for +$11236)
- Frank Jordan: NBA 19-4 (83% for +$10790)
- Kevin Thomas: NHL 15-7-1 (69% for +$8100)
- Chase Diamond: NHL 14-6 (70% for +$8068)
- A. J. Penny: MLB 17-16-1 (52% for +$7305)

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