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John Fisher
TOP HC for COLLEGE HOOPS Last 10 yrs. Everyone makes money on my Package Deals. 10 Star 110-45 record play goes today 1/16/16
See 10 STAR RECORD below. As an EX basketball player John "The HOOK" Fisher knows what it takes to win. Especially when it comes to College ball he knows when teams will show up or just lay an egg. John "The HOOK" Fisher is a financial guru and uses #'s and game time situations as well as information from campuses to really laser beam on a selection. Vegas makes mistakes on lines and when they do FISHER jumps on it! He will only do 1 to 3 plays a day. Like his Financial planning he does for his clients he stays steady then pounces on a GREAT VALUE!! Hence 70% plus of his TEN STARS HIT!! 10 STARS NCAAF 13-9 10 STARS NBA 0-0 10 STARS NHL 0-0 10 STARS NFL 20-9 10 STARS NCAAB 6-0 10 STARS MLB 2015 34-21

•  NCAAB 26-24-1 (52% for +$28) Last 51 - All Picks
•  NHL 35-39 (48% for +$496) Last 74 - All Picks
•  NCAAB 811-706-31 (54% for +$5189) Last 1548 - All Picks

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ALL SPORTS for 365 straight days
Recession Special - Get a FULL YEAR all access pass for ALL SPORTS. It breaks down to just less than $70/month.I made my clients over 50K this year. Don't let these JOKERS fool you with BS PROMOS. Get everything in ALL SPORTS from the documented champ! MLB, HOOPS and FOOTBALL both in College and Pro ALL INCLUDED in this package.I'm honest. I am for real. LOOK at the numbers. Then decide where you would lay your money! JOHN FISHERS COLLEGE HOOPS picks are the most sought after plays in the industry. "Guys...look at my record to date- NFL 69% + MLB 2 VTD's, and OVERALL. just give consistent winners... Lets make money together.

Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Purdue vs. Ohio State (NCAAB)
Jan 5, 2017
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Purdue vs. Ohio State
Thursday, January 05, 2017 7:00 PM
Play: Point Spread: -3.0/-106 Purdue
Free Pick on Purdue - I really like the value here with the Boilermakers as a small road favorite against the Buckeyes. I believe Purdue is one of the 15 best teams in the country and are simply undervalued here after an overtime loss at home to Minnes ...  read more

Mar 3, 2014

My colleagues always ask if I will HIT over 50% this YEAR in MLB plays. I laugh. I just say if that occurs my clients will go from 6 figures to 7 figures. Over the last three seasons in MLB I’ve posted a 45% Winning percentage. Case in point my DOCUMENTED RECORD at Vegas Top Dogs in MLB was a dismal 210-215 -11 in 2013. Most ordinary HC’s with that record would put them way below in the RED. Ho ...  read more

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John Fisher Release Times
Most plays are up by 11am EST on weekends and 2pm EST Monday- Friday. LETS WIN!
John Fisher Rating System
John "The HOOK" Fisher has the following rating system. 3 STAR= A strong play that has a lot of VALUE= common on his DOG plays 4 STAR= A VERY strong play that was analyzed days before game time. 5 STAR= A Play that is used where the Vegas line is off 4 to 5 points with a 4 STAR analysis. 10 STAR= This is a play that I play on and is my most confidant play. Love DOGS that can win straight up or Favs that will cover line plus 6 points. Also from time to time get smart money moves and wise guy info.
John Fisher Money Management
John "The HOOK" Fisher uses his money management system . As mentioned above if you use his STAR money system you will have a better profit in the end. In other words, when you see a Ten Star $100 player should DOUBLE UP or go 1k...5 star 300-500 A 4 Star 100 to 250 3 Star $50 to $100...
Winning Streaks
- Ray Monohan: NBA 28-13 (69% for +$11430)
- Doug Knudson: NBA 21-11 (66% for +$8300)
- Frank Jordan: NCAAB 29-20 (60% for +$7075)
- Damian Sosh: NHL 7-3 (70% for +$4600)
- Mike Anthony: NCAAB 8-5 (62% for +$2700)
- Don Wallace: NBA 7-3 (70% for +$2560)

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