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Home / Capper Profiles / Hollis Harvard
Hollis Harvard
Key Words to look for with Harvard so you know when to bet: Backroom Play
Advantage Plays
Mismatch Games
100% Double Systems
Prime Time
False Favorite
The Main Event
Each will come with a numerical rating
I'm a partner of Wayne Allyn Root and you may recognize my work, analysis and my name "Harvard". I did not finish Harvard Business School but have made up for it. I have outplayed, outlasted and outperformed the Vegas Sportsbooks for 36 years. A Vegas resident since 1954...64 years with all the in's and out's from the days of Churchill Downs sportsbook, the Dunes boys and still hitting pounding my games everyday at the sportsbooks I'm allowed.

Monday, November 19, 2018
Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Rams (NFL) - 8:15 PM EST Premium Pick
Pick: Point Spread: -3.5/101     Los Angeles Rams   Rating: 10* Loss
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Last 7 Days' Results
•  All Leagues 6-4-1 (60% for +$1359)
•  NCAAF 2018 3-2 (60% for +$709)
•  NFL 2018 3-1-1 (75% for +$1200)

Last 30 Days' Results
•  NCAAF 2018 10-8 (56% for +$1462)

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Harvard says you will LOVE THIS WINNER. The winners continue. Go ahead and chalk this one up as the game to begin your week. (W)

Harvard says to get on these games early in the season. Before the oddsmakers adjust the lines. Our team scores 20 ppg MORE THAN THEY ALLOW. The easy win of this game is of no surprise.


Thursday thru Monday NFL & College games
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Get your HARVARD DEGREE... SAVE & WIN Package
Get all of Harvard Hollis for a month. That's four (4) weeks of WINNERS. Normal game by game service cost $804 for the month. This WIN and SAVE SPECIAL....Takes it to a low special rate of ..........just $222.........Get all Harvard's write ups. Get all of Harvard's thinking. This is like an ADVANCE PHD.....The Class of 2018 College of Harvard. He will teach you what to look for...what to zero in on. What the Oddsmakers are thinking. The public games to avoid and WINNER after WINNER after WINNER Become a member with this four (4) week Harvard Degree!! Just $222 for your diploma, savings and four (4) weeks class of incredible WINNERS!!

Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Detroit Lions vs. Oakland Raiders (NFL)
Aug 10, 2018
Free Sports Game Preview and Prediction: Detroit Lions vs. Oakland Raiders
Friday, August 10, 2018 10:30 PM
Play: Point Spread: 3.0/-107 Detroit Lions
As Matt Stafford gets older, he’ll play fewer and fewer reps in preseason. The QB flavor of the day goes to Jake Rudock. Last year, Jake completed 37-of-56 passes last preseason, tallying up 380 total yards with three touchdowns and one ...  read more

Sorry, there are no free picks available at this time. Please check back again.
Hollis Harvard Release Times
I post the night before gameday.
I post college football on Friday.
I post the NFL on Saturday.
Hollis Harvard Rating System
3* Should be three percent of your bankroll for those that are old school.
5* Is 5% of your bankroll....no fixed games...no locks...old school is it!
If you are wagering on a game that involves betting more than 5% of your bankroll; I may not be the handicapper for you.
I do not play a game on Monday JUST because it's Monday...Old School
Hollis Harvard Money Management
Never bet more than 5% of your bankroll. I can guide you. There are no lock games. There are no 10,000 star games. The true rating system began many years ago. It worked as I do;
1* 2* 3* 4* and 5* represented a portion of your bankroll. (ex) If your bankroll was $10,000, bet $330. You then update your bankroll total every TWO WEEKS allowing for it to build up and take in consideration if you won week 1 and lost the following week.
Winning Streaks
- Matt Fargo: NBA 27-11-1 (72% for +$15005)
- A. J. Penny: NCAAF 16-7 (70% for +$10435)
- Frank Jordan: NFL 26-12-1 (69% for +$9425)
- Matt Fargo: NHL 33-22 (60% for +$8659)
- Lou Lacerda : NFL 16-6 (73% for +$7515)
- Chip Chirimbes: NBA 39-30 (57% for +$7308)

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