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Home / Articles / Was there any foul play in Maradona’s death?

Was there any foul play in Maradona’s death?

America's Bookie

AmericasBookie Sportsbook/Casino and Horses.
By: America's Bookie     Date: Jan 11, 2021
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Diego Maradona, the single best player in history of football, for many, at least, has died and the world of sports is still in mourning. Several tributes have been paid these days all over the world and not only soccer related, but in many other sports as well, Maradona was a symbol for millions, he was a leader, he was a legend, he was history.


A few days have gone by since he passed away in his home in Buenos Aires, due to cardiac arrest, but now, as investigations go on, some have questioned there might have been foul play, or negligence that might have caused Maradona’s sudden death, and that it wasn’t completely “unavoidable”.


Maradona’s doctor speaks up


Leopoldo Luque was Maradona’s personal doctor, he was with him for several of his health episodes throughout the years, some caused by his drug addictions, some by his alcohol abuse, others by his obesity. 

He was the only doctor Maradona would trust, he was a neurosurgeon, but he accompanied “Diego” to all of his medical appointments because he trusted him, they had a special relation, the doctor understood Maradona probably like no one else, and that's why he trusted him with his life, not an easy task certainly, looking after someone who is so problematic and keen to different types of “bad hobbies”


In recent days, Maradona had a medical emergency, he underwent brain surgery, and it was a successful procedure, according to Luque and the hospital where he was attended. However, Dr. Luque spoke to the press recently and said that Maradona was just not doing so good mentally, he was down, depressed, he didn’t want to see people, not even his daughters, he would just get mad and throw everyone out of the room, but since that was what usually happened, then they just did as he said.


After dying of cardiac arrest, alone in his room, police and other people started to question why Maradona was left alone and unattended, when he clearly was a high-risk patient. He could have been saved if treated sooner, is what they imply, and that’s why Luque is now getting the heat, being questioned about if he could have done more to save his life.


The doctor has been loud and clear saying that he did everything he could, and everything Maradona allowed him to do. He says they were close personal friends, and it hurts that he’s gone, but he is clean, not guilty at all about what happened, saying Maradona was treated properly and on time. In fact, the media first reported that an ambulance took over 30 minutes to get to his house, but police reports show that they took only 12 minutes.

Police have searched Luque’s house looking for any proof or document that might say otherwise, and investigation has been officially opened, to make sure that the best player on Earth was given proper care when he needed it.

For all of us sports fans out there, there’s not much more we can do, but remember and enjoy every tribute, every video, every picture out of the millions that have flooded the internet and Social Media platforms since his death. Let’s make sure his legend never dies.


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