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Home / Articles / Is This the New Way to Go?

Is This the New Way to Go?

America's Bookie

AmericasBookie Sportsbook/Casino and Horses.
By: America's Bookie     Date: Sep 1, 2021
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Have you ever heard about pay per head (PPH) while playing at a local casino or poker room? It is a service that helps sportsbooks manage key operations.

PPH enables a bookie's clients to wager online and offers various betting options. The following are six reasons why price per head is the new way to go.

The Expansion of Online Casino Activities

If your bookie solely focuses on sports betting, you can use certain PPH tools to venture into the online casino. They will enable you to explore different markets, some of which might have certain sports betting restrictions. Besides, PPH will help you provide online gambling.

More Gambling Operations

Some old bookie operators dread venturing into new gambling markets. You can contract an affordable PPH service to provide your clients more betting options. For instance, you can venture into different underserved markets, including cricket, Formula One, and infamous rugby leagues.

Online Bookmaking Largely Depends on Pay Per Head

Retail bookmakers and brick-and-mortar casinos are limited to their geographical locations. But, online betting helps sportsbooks attract clients from different nations and states.

For instance, some offshore bookies sign players from different continents. Yet, they don't have subsidiaries in many countries. This significantly reduces their operating costs and increases their revenue.

PPH automates most manual processes, minimizes risks, and raises the profit margin you get from each punter. Pay per head providers have sophisticated bookmaking software that can help you expand your online investment.

You will pay a separate fee for each punter that wagered during the week to access the provider's casino, sportsbook, and betting software. Also, you can use their platform to add or change various bets, adjust each player's gambling limits and patterns.

Pay per head enables gamblers to wager in seconds or minutes from anywhere. They don't have to contact bookmakers to adjust their betting positions.

PPH automates manual bookkeeping, thus reducing the time bookies would have spent recording transactions. Furthermore, online financial records and easier to retrieve compared to financial paperwork.

Constant High-Quality Pay Per Head Services

Most sportsbooks follow the global schedule of different sporting events. For example, boxing experiences an international renaissance.

You can find some North American matches taking place at noon as they are on primetime. PPH helps you reach clients in markets whose routines differ from yours.

PPH Monitors the Horse Racing Season

Some bookie operators struggle to monitor horse racing tracks. Race gambling has many legal betting options that you can explore in countries like the United States which have various casino gaming and sports betting laws. A PPH provider can track all functioning racing tracks for you before the season starts.

How to Choose The Right Pay Per Head Company

Some websites analyze and compare different PPH providers. So, it is important to check their reviews to understand each company's functionalities, betting software, PPH fees, and markets. Such reviews highlight a PPH provider's agent reports, bets, customer support, and payment methods.

Popular PPH companies such as Real Bookies have over a decades' experience. They cover over 80 leagues, 70 racecourses and have more than a hundred casino games. They often add new options to keep players engaged.

Select a company that has an easy signing up process and a demo to teach you how to use its software. Also, it should offer players unlimited access to different betting features. This will earn you a steady income during offline and online hours.

PPH services allow bookie operators to focus on expanding their clientele and launching new betting products. Most companies process payments, while others need you to collect online payments. They charge a small weekly fee for each active punter.

Head to our favorite pay per head bookie site at www.RealBookies.com before making the pick.


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