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How to Become a Bookie in the U.S.

By: Offshore Elite     Date: Nov 13, 2020
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Over two years have passed since the United States Supreme Court shot down the Professional and Amateur Protection Act that prohibited states other than Nevada from allowing sports betting. Since 2018, many companies have developed online sports wagering platforms. These companies are working within the confines of the law. 

That doesn’t mean that if someone wants to become a bookie, they are following the law. All the Supreme Court said is that states can allow sports betting if they wish. The Court didn’t answer the question, “Are bookies illegal?”

Whether your state allows for bookmaking depends on the citizens who live in that state. Each state has different laws. The first thing to do then is to look at the rules that govern your country. You'd be surprised that many states in the U.S., most states actually, offer some legal gambling on sports.

After you’ve done that, you can move on to finding the pay per head company that works best for you. The search won’t take long because there are just a few companies in the per head industry. 

Finding the right pph sportsbook company is pretty much it. If you sign-up with a company that offers everything you require to run a sportsbook, that's all you may need. But what if you wish to create a book that can exceed expectations and grow to massively profitable heights?

Please keep reading for the question all beginning sportsbook owners must ask themselves. Then, we can dive deep into the gambling software you require to become a prosperous American bookie.

What type of bookmaking operation do you wish to run?

All bettors aren't the same, and all sportsbooks aren't the same. Some players like to wager $25 to $100 per week on a game. Others wager much more. Still, others use a tout service like Vegas Top Dogs to help them find winners because they make sports bets in the thousands of dollars.

Deciding on what type of sportsbook operation you wish to run, one for pro players who wager a lot, or casual players, goes a long way in helping you determine what pay per head organization to use.

Before answering that question, realize that you can’t create a gambling website without using sports betting software. No player wants to text or call in their picks. Players want control, which means you must allow your customers to log onto their accounts and make wagers on free betting software for you to run a successful company.

What per head organization? The low-cost leader? Or the one that can help you grow your gambling business?

If you wish to provide wagering services to a handful of players that only wager $25 to $50 per week, by handful we mean six or less, it might be a good idea to go with the low-cost leading pph company. But if you wish to create a long-lasting, profitable sportsbook organization, you must consider becoming a bookie with a company that offers a full range of services. Check out what you require on the front-of-house and back-of-house to become a profitable bookie.

Front-end services

  • Sportsbook

  • Casino

  • Racebook

  • Live betting platform

  • Live dealer casino

In most cases, your bread and butter will be your sportsbook. Mostly all pay per head companies provides software that's free for your players to use. A casino, a racebook, a live betting platform, and a live dealer casino are requirements so that you can offer wagering on anything and everything.

Back-end services

  • Way to pay and collect from players

  • Line mover

  • Layoff account

  • Player management tools

Players don’t want to have to meet in-person to get paid or to pay their bookies. Bookmakers that have a way to make online payments and collections give them an advantage over their competitors.

The line mover, layoff account, and player management tools are all critical. But it's a way to pay players and collect from players that separate the low-level bookie From one that can become a master agent.

Cash flow is vital to all businesses in every industry. Running a sportsbook is no different. If a person wishes to become a bookie and create a successful, growing sportsbook, they should sign-up with a pay per head service that provides a way to pay and collect online. 


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