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Home / Articles / Does Handicapping Work or is Sports Betting Mostly Luck?

Does Handicapping Work or is Sports Betting Mostly Luck?

America's Bookie

AmericasBookie Sportsbook/Casino and Horses.
By: America's Bookie     Date: May 1, 2018
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Players have been trying to crack the Vegas code for a very long time and by the “Vegas code” we mean beating the odds, beating the sportsbooks and winning a stockpile of money. Handicappers have been honing their craft since the dawn of time, since the ancient years of the Olympic Games. Since the inception of turf clubs that popped up on every street corner in Las Vegas in the 1950’s to the era of the “superbook” that has replaced those turf clubs, gamblers have worked diligently to beat the house odds. To find a leg up and sink the boat.


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As you can see the boat has not yet been sunk and Vegas is thriving more now than ever before. Billions of dollars are poured into sports and horse gambling every year and the house stays afloat, however, the house struggles from time to time and frankly, they struggle on a regular basis. Sports gambling does not carry Las Vegas sportsbooks ; the Casinos do. Beating the casinos is luck, pure luck.


There is no system, there is no proven process and the machines either payout or they don’t. The Roulette wheel lands on red, black or 0 and double 0, There is no counting the numbers, the wheel can hit red 14 times in a row and then hit black once and red another 14 times in a row. Ok, let’s throw card games a bone, the player either knows how to play or they don’t, it’s still 80% luck. Poker is a game of skill and luck and is quite possibly the one game where skilled players win more often than not.


Sports wagering can come down to luck for sure. You might handicap a team all season long and feel that you know the trends, the cycles and how the team performs on the road at home at night or on Sunday’s or whatever the case may be.


Example: The Rockets, they won 65 games during the regular season but only covered close to 50% of the time. Had you bet every Rockets game to cover you would be a loser overall simply because the juice beat you. You must factor in the juice when calculating your wins and losses.


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The big casinos in Vegas operate big time sportsbooks in order to draw thousands of people to the casino. Most folks that are in Vegas for a week or two days or a weekend, they might bet on sports and not hang around the sportsbook, they hit the casino while their game(s) are being played.


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It is absolutely possible to beat the bookies and in order to do so you must know who you are betting on and why you are betting them. Do not go in blindly, have a plan and be prepared. Do your handicapping due diligence and you will at least win the juice back!


The online and corner bookie may or may not depend on casinos to back them up so as a result the players are offered bonuses and they are often very lucrative. Smart players always take a bonus. Why not win money with money that wasn’t even yours; it’s called legal embezzlement!


Knowing the sport that you are betting on is everything and money management is a very close second. Know your stuff, properly manage bonuses and you will come out a winner.


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