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Home / Articles / 2021 Football Season Things Might be Different Now

2021 Football Season Things Might be Different Now

America's Bookie

AmericasBookie Sportsbook/Casino and Horses.
By: America's Bookie     Date: Feb 6, 2021
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The 2020 football season is coming to a close and bookmakers are busy looking back and evaluating how they stand with only the Super Bowl left to play. The biggest betting day of the year is still to come, but it’s not too early to look forward to the 2021 season.


For bookies who only operate during the football season, they can spend a few days collecting on bets. They can also try to make some sense of betting slips and phone calls that kept them busy enough. Taking as many bets as they could, there is likely a feeling that they could have done more.


The spreadsheets helped, but the phone calls and texts still took so much time they couldn’t keep track of what bets were really making them money. A lucrative season could have been better, if they could just have found more time.


Then there was also the revenue split with bigger operators, just to take some action from clients they didn’t know enough about. With more time, maybe better information, they would have been able to handle more on their own without reaching out to competitors.


If that story sounds familiar, it’s probably time to plan on some changes by the time next season rolls around. One of the ways is to use a Football Betting Software that will make it easier to keep track of lines, let the customers make bets 24/7 and give the bookie more control over their accounts.


Pay Per Head (PPH) Football Betting Software is the best option for independent bookmakers who want to operate their business like the large corporate sportsbooks. It isn’t limited solely to football, but it gives the bookie that option if they choose.



The features begin with the state of the art online customer interface. Once an account is established for a player, they have access to check lines and make bets at any time, day or night. With the advent of state sponsored sports betting sites, it’s critical for bookies to be able to put forth a competitive option.


The sportsbook offers the same wagers available from the big operators, including futures, spreads, money lines, over/under, reverses and propositions. They even offer live betting, a great way to expand customer action, especially during football season.


By utilizing the account management tools, the bookie can limit or expand the options available to each customer. Having the information and the time to use it is important to a bookie and their ability to manage their business. Knowing what kind of bets to take and who to take them from can make the difference between a profitable and losing operation.


Although lines are initially set by the PPH provider, the bookie has the ability to change them, either for everyone or select clients. When a bookie has the time to analyze the available data, they can fine tune the offerings to their customers.


Whether it’s bonuses, attractive lines or favorable odds, there are a lot of ways for bookies to incent wagers that are in their favor. But they can’t offer those incentives if they aren’t aware of what those wagers are. If they’re spending all of their time on the phone taking wagers, it’s difficult to be able to analyze the business.


That’s where the reporting functionality comes in handy for bookies. They can see, at any time, what their clients wagering activity has been like. It also shows the bookie what games and events they have significant action on and how much risk they’re assuming.


The robust nature of the platform allows the bookie to assess their future action and evaluate what they need to do about any imbalance in the wagers. They can adjust lines, promote the favorable side of the bets or even offload some of the risk to the PPH provider.



The financial component of the Football Betting Software has to do with finances. All bookies are in the business to make money, and the PPH software keeps track of every penny. The software keeps the bookie up to date on how much is owed, what has been collected and what the bookie still has to pay out.


By using a reliable and robust PPH software service, the 2021 football season might look a lot different than 2020.

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